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Welcome to Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. - proudly serving Chicago's suburbs and surrounding areas for four decades. As a family-owned and operated company, we are fully committed to providing the absolute best in quality and service.

Your plumber from Jim Dhamer Plumbing is an experienced technician licensed by the State of Illinois. Contractor's registration number 055-008346. Showing nothing but respect for you and your property throughout the entire job, our plumbers are professional, dependable and backed by our company's licensed and insured status.

The services you can obtain from Jim Dhamer Plumbing cover a wide variety of plumbing needs and problems. From installation and maintenance to plumbing repair and replacement, we are prepared for any challenge your home or business can give us.

Drain cleaning is one of those things many people don't realize they need until they have a serious blockage in their pipes. Ridding your pipes of debris before a complete clog forms can save you time and trouble down the road. If your drains are already backed up, call us about removing the blockage. Through power rodding we will eradicate those frustrating clogs and video camera inspections are also available for main sewer lines.

Water heaters are essential when you want to take a hot bath or do a few dishes. Often, customers have no idea that something is wrong with their water heater until they turn on the tap and get only cold water. When that happens, it's time to call Jim Dhamer Plumbing.

Entrust your sewer repairs, clog removals, sump pumps and other services listed below to the experts. Call Jim Dhamer Plumbing - we'll be glad to serve you!

For more about our services, see "Services Available."

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